Betting Language and Syntax

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Before you enter a sports book or opening an online sports betting site, you need to understand the wagering linguistics.

Walking into a Sports Book can intimidating and if unprepared embarrassing.

You need all the information necessary to execute a successful bet.

Finance, language, strategy and executing is the essential tools to wager and make a lot of money.

Wagering Language, Syntax and Executing a Successful Bet

#1 Straight Bet: Betting wager on a matchup in a game that has a "money line" or "point spread". Straight Bet win is by (ML Money Line) the team that was chosen to outright win, "pushing" (a tie game) or a (PS Point Spread) and the "Over/Under" (grand total points scored in a game) where you decide whether the game will go over or under the points the odds maker sets. A straight bet payout depends on the sports book (usually 95% payout per win). Reminder the "Cage Agent" will ask you for numbers representing a team(s).

#2 Parlay Bet: Combination Bet wager on multiple games linked together (two or more games), all having to win in order to cash out. There is more of a risk/reward implication when betting in this manner. if any bets loses, the entire parlay loses. Example; the Rams (+3.5) and the Browns (+6.5) must win and or cover the point spread given. The payout on a "two team"/"two leg" parlay wager is roughly 2.6 to 1 ($100 wager wins $260 est) so you pocket your original $100 plus $260 is $360.

#3 Parlay Teaser Bet: Similar combination wager on multiple games linked together, again all having to win to cash out. the difference is you are manipulating points to protect the bet at a lower risk. Example: the Rams are (+3.5) underdogs against the Seahawks (-3.5) favorites and the Browns (+6.5) underdogs against the Steelers (-6.5) favorites. Move to a "teaser" (6 points) to any team. Example: the Rams (+3.5) is moved to the Rams (+9.5) and the Steelers (-6.5) is moved to the Steelers (-0.5). Reminder: Both teams must either win and or cover the spread to cash out.

*Bankroll: Total amount of money a Better has to Wager

*Book Maker: Odds Maker

*Cage Agent: Cashier that places Your Bet

*Cover: Successful Wager Bet

*Dead Heat: A Tied Game, Exact Score or Push

*Dog: Underdog (+11.0) a Teams Picked to lose by the Odds Maker

*Favorite: A Team Picked to win by the Odds Maker

*Hedging: A Strategy used by Betters to Reduce Risk on a Wager

*First Half: Betting the First Half of a Game

*Handicapper: A Person who Analyzes Team Sports Events

*Hook: Half a Point during a Bet (-9.5)

*Live Betting: Betting on a Game Live (play by play)

*Over/Under: Grand Total Points in a Game

*Parlay: Combination Wager Bet

*Puck Line: Hockey Term Limited to plus or minus 1.5 because of lower scoring Sport

*Straight Bet: Team picked to win and or Point Spread given to a Team by the Odds Maker

*Teaser: Points Manipulated in a Combination Bet given to the Better's Team of choice

*Wager: Bet

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